Purpose built, dedicated facility in Malaysia.

Everything is created. Few things are created well.

Keeping it Pure.

Water Treatment

Our water is potable water which we treat through multi-media filters, through activated carbon filters to remove any aromas, we then soften the water so that no minerals react with our recipes and blending and we then pass the water through a Reverse Osmosis system.

The resultant water is not just pure – it is sterile.

Water bottling line for processing and bottling pure mineral water into small bottles

Advanced in all aspects.

Process and Filling

We use advanced technology in our process and filling machinery. This means we can produce products that perform better, products that deliver functionality more quickly and products that taste fresher-for-longer.

The results are that customers and consumers get a better product, a fresher product that will keep them coming back for more.

Only The Best.


We are experts at formulation, developing great tasting, great performing beverages. We start with the best ingredients and never look to save costs in this area.

Our products will always match or be better than comparable leading brands and – due to our advanced technology our products taste better-for-longer.